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Welcome to the 2023 ABH Application

We're excited you have decided to apply for the ABH prize competition. To maximize your chances of success, we encourage you to read our guidelines carefully before you begin.

You have up until May 17 2023 to submit your application. Before then you can visit the application and edit as many times as required.

Our application is made up of six sections:
Application Overview
Eligibility Check: you'll have to answer questions to check whether you meet all our criteria and upload proof of your eligibility.
Reference: you'll be asked to provide the details for an individual who can provide a reference for you. A suitable individual includes: a mentor, friend, colleague, business partner, supplier etc. He/She will be asked to tell us why they believe you're a good fit for the Prize.
Founder Profile: questions about why you became an entrepreneur and your achievements.
Business Profile: questions about your business.
Business Deep Dive: questions about the problem your business is trying to solve, the solution, its competitiveness, market traction, your business model, and future plans.
Video Introductions: your opportunity to introduce a customer and why they choose your product/service.
Application Guidelines
Before you begin, we have some guidelines to help with your application.
Pace yourself to fill the application. You don't have to complete it all at once but start the application early so you know what to prepare (e.g. the customer testimonial video).

Download the application form. This can help you work offline and share your responses with teammates or mentors. Remember to copy, paste and submit your answers before the deadline.


Get key documentation required for the application ready. You will need You will need to upload two to three key documents to successfully complete your application. Please have scanned /digital versions with you to upload.

  • One form of a personal Government-issued ID that belongs to you (the applicant). Suitable ID includes: international passport, citizen/national card and a voters card)
  • Business license/registration certificate: this is a legal document indicating when you registered the business with the government
  • or
  • Proof you‘ve been operating for 3 years or more (if you haven’t been registered for 3 years). This can include bank statements in your company’s name from 3 years ago, rental agreements etc.
Explore the application. Answer the simple questions first. Skip questions that require more thought/time and return at any point before the deadline – May 17th 2023 - to complete or edit your answers.
Answer all the mandatory questions, (marked by an asterix *). Although you can initially skip them, all mandatory questions will need to be filled before you submit the application.
Read the Do’s & Don’ts below!
Let’s see what you should do when completing the application
Let’s see what you should not do when completing the application
For more guidance, we encourage you to sign up for our application workshops below:
English Workshops
French Workshops
Video Requirements

As part of the application, you will need to upload ONE video of a customer telling us why they purchase your product or solution. We encourage you to start this process early.

The video will need to do the following:

  • Feature you introducing yourself briefly and introducing the customer.
  • Feature a customer who shares his/her impressions on your product/service and how it has impacted him/her.
  • Be within 1 minute 30 seconds or less.
  • Be recorded in a landscape (horizontal) format
  • Be recorded in the language you are applying in (English or French). If any of the videos features any other language, you will need to include English or French subtitles or VERBALLY translate it.

Please note videos do not have to be professionally made and you can record it using a smartphone.

You can watch this sample video to further guide you.

You can also watch this video, for more tips on how to record your video.