After 7 months of searching, four review processes, and adapting to a purely digital form of engagement,
we have found our 2020 Top 10 Africa’s Business Heroes!!!

Like all entrepreneurs around the world, our 2020 Top 10 Heroes have braved several odds and
challenges as they’ve adapted to the new normal under COVID-19. Our heroes are:


From 8 countries and 6 sectors (ranging from Agriculture to Renewable Energy), our 2020 Top 10 Heroes are:

1st Prize Winner
Chebet Lesan - Kenya
Founder & CEO of BrightGreen Renewable Energy
"Revolutionizing Africa's kitchens" - BrightGreen Renewable Energy produces life-saving fuel bricks that reduce the cost of cooking for underserved communities across Africa and save forests. The company is led by Chebet Lesan who has a background in Leadership from The University of Cambridge, Product Design from The University of Nairobi, Supply Chain Management from Rutgers School of Business and a Business-Design Fellowship from Massachusetts Institute of Technology D-lab.
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2nd Prize Winner
Oluwasoga Oni - Nigeria
CEO & Co-Founder of Mdaas Global
"Unlocking diagnostics for Africa's next billion" - MDaaS Global builds and operates modern, tech-enabled diagnostic centers in clinically-underserved communities starting in Nigeria to provide a world-class patient experience at highly-affordable prices. The company is led by Oluwasoga Oni, an MIT-trained system engineer.
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3rd Prize Winner
People’s Choice Award Winner
Ethel Mupambwa - Zimbabwe
Co-Founder and CEO of Moneymart
"Creating wealth; changing lives" - Moneymart is a Zimbawean based microfinance institution that offers tailor-made business loans to MSMEs and individuals who live off the power grid to access quality solar-lighting-kits. The company is co-led by Ethel Mupambwa, who has nine years of experience in finance and is a Level 2 Chartered Financial Analyst Candidate.
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2nd Round Finalist
Mame Diarra Bousso Gueye - Senegal
CEO & Founder of Diarrablu
"Artisans & algorithms for a conscious lifestyle" - Diarrablu is a Senegalese fashion tech company merging African artisan traditions with technology to empower African artisans and build an ethical and sustainable fashion future centered around ancestral African craftsmanship. The company is led by Diarra Gueye who has experience in finance, mathematics, and design and recently completed her Master's at Stanford University with a focus on creative mathematics.
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Abdulai A Dasana - Ghana
CEO & COO of Amaati Company Limited
"We nourish the world" - Amaati is a social enterprise whose mission is to build sustainable communities through the use of an extinct and neglected crop called Fonio. The company is led by Abdulai A. Dasana, an agricultural technologist with a decade of experience in finance, banking and SMEs, and with a vision to revolutionize the agriculture sector to benefit the most vulnerable.
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People’s Choice Award 2nd place
Aboubakar Karim - Côte d’Ivoire
CEO & Founder of INVESTIV
"Technology and passion for agriculture" - INVESTIV is an Ivorian company whose mission is to help build the future of African agriculture by leveraging innovative technologies to support smallholder farmers throughout Côte d’Ivoire and West Africa. The company is led by Aboubakar Karim, a 25 years old agro-economist.
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Axel Emmanuel Gbaou - Côte d’Ivoire
CEO & Founder of Le Chocolatier Ivoirien
"Cocoa revolution in progress" – Le Chocolatier Ivoirien manufactures and offers Africa-made, handcrafted and quality chocolate, promoting sustainable cultivation techniques and a more fair distribution of income in the cocoa chain through a direct partnership with female growers. The founder Axel, who started his career as a banker and established the company in his mother’s kitchen, holds a degree in International Public Law, and a Master’s in Taxation.
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Cyrille Nkontchou - Cameroon
Founder & Chairman of Enko Education
"Your launchpad to the best universities" - Enko Education operates the largest single network of private schools in Africa that teaches the International Baccalaureate curriculum to democratize access to quality international education for African youth. The company was founded by Cyrille Nkontchou, an economist by training with extensive experience as a fund manager, a banker and a consultant.
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People’s Choice Award 3rd place
Dr. Emma Naluyima Mugerwa - Uganda
Founder of MST Junior School
"Little seeds, big dreams" – MST Junior School is a Primary School with a unique approach and earning model. It aims to equip the pupils with unique skills to solve agriculture issues such as food insecurity, waste mismanagement and malnutrition. The school was established by Dr. Emma Naluyima, a vet, farmer and educator with a desire to train young people and change their lives through Modern and Purposeful Farming.
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Joan Rukundo Nalubega - Uganda
CEO & Founder of Uganics
"Buy a soap - save lives" - Uganics is a social business that manufactures life-saving organic anti-malaria soap to address malaria, which kills millions of people every year, and sells around the world at a high profit margin to subsidize sales to poor populations at the same price as regular soap. The company is led by Joan Rukundo Nalubega, a Malaria survivor and a social entrepreneur with a vision to fight Malaria.
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